Welcome to the Foundation

Founded in April 2015 by the World’s first ‘Everest twins’ Nungshi and Tashi Malik to mark their successful completion of the Explorers’ Grand Slam becoming the world’s youngest persons ever to do so, the NungshiTashi Foundation is dedicated to advancing the lives of Indian girls and women through outdoors, adventure sports and mountaineering


We envision India as an ‘Outdoor Nation’ with equal and active participation of women where they all have the opportunity to set their sights high and reach their highest potential.


NungshiTashi Foundation fosters outdoor spirit among Indians, especially girls and women to promote empowerment through self-awareness, leadership and outdoor livelihoods.

Core Areas

The core areas of the foundation are mountaineering, girl empowerment, protection and conservation of environment and dissemination of knowledge about mountains.


Fund and support mountaineering activities

…of girls, especially those with potential to accomplish and set high benchmarks at national and International level


Establish, run, promote

…manage and build into centers-of-excellence vocational training centers for the marginalized girl children especially in Indian states that have been listed as traditionally girl-child phobic or those states that have an alarmingly skewed gender ratio, especially in areas related to adventure tourism, sports, hospitality and related activities


Create and propagate

…structured opportunity banks, databases, skill training systems and processes to identify, train and find respectable employment and livelihood opportunities for existing and future girl achievers in India


Create a network and active population

…of girls and women across India to directly address local, national & global ecological issues by bringing together global experts, academicians, crusaders and other stakeholders and by using schools, SHGs and social media and any other relevant platform or medium


Develop material and methodologies

…and actively pursue advocacy with the relevant sections of government/s, people, associations, and other stakeholders to promote mountaineering and adventure sports among girls and women


Spread awareness among the people

…about the need for sustainable development of mountainous regions through active and equal involvement of local women by building their capacities and skills




Girl Empowerment





  • Consulting 90%
  • Training 95%
  • Awareness 80%


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